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I am integrative, mostly person-centred and use psychodynamic theory.

I believe that we all have our own take on what we need in life, as long as the conditions [security, warmth, love and care] are around us and have been accepting and supporting of our needs.  Many of us learn, at a young age, that some of our needs and feelings are unacceptable to others, and therefore we can find it hard to truly accept ourselves and who we want/need to be.  This can result in depression, anxiety, shame, self-hatred, and other forms of distress, as we adapt ourselves, sometimes numbly, and at our own peril – by ignoring our true needs and feelings.

In a healing therapeutic relationship with an empathic counsellor, we can experience these feelings and needs as being truly accepted and valued by another human being.  We can, therefore, learn to become better able to accept them in ourselves.

When we accept our needs [for example, for love, respect, relationships, expressed anger, cry, etc.] we become better able to meet them head on and to lead a more authentic and fulfilling life.

If you choose to see me for counselling, there will be no rush.  You will set the pace of your our work.  You can bring whatever you want and need to the session.  How fast/slow and how deep will be your choice – you are in control!!!!

You can talk to me about your views and experiences – this is about your world…..

I will fully support you and will be present and by your side.

You will be able to trust yourself, your feelings and your experiences – with me facilitating every step of the way.

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